Deborah L. King

About the Artist

I'm inspired by Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney the most. I want to tell stories that other people want to tell over and over again--stories with heart, and the depth of an adult, but the bravery and wonder of a child. Those are the stories that last.

Deborah graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Digital Media Communications-getting her into graphic design for the web when it was new, and teaching her about generating content for early social networks, websites and blogs. Her other areas of study were professional writing (journalism, business writing, technical, and creative) and studio art.

Her love of film led her to an Associate Degree in Film and Video Production from Full Sail University, and she went on to work there as a Presentation Specialist. Part of her job teaching was creating online course content and managing multiple venues for student communication with course instructors. 

Throughout her education, Deborah developed a life-long love of the arts. Attending advanced classes and summer programs for gifted and talented artists also instilled in her a strong work ethic-and a desire to lead. She has spent the last ten years working as a member of several production teams, as a writer for film and video, as camera operator, still photographer and visual artist-- and her design work is best known for its blend of functionality and aesthetic beauty

I want to accomplish things that seem impossible to other people. Its about leaving behind a legacy of imagination, perseverance, and courage. I've really grown to appreciate the gifts of history, and the potential of tomorrow.

Driven by a desire to capture life, Deborah is using the only media that can capture it fast enough—film. She relies on the realism of film and the existing connection between movies and pop culture to give the feeling of awe and wonderment back to the viewer and connect with audiences of every age.

When you’re a kid, you don’t understand that the things you read or see on screen aren't real and aren't possible. You dare to believe that your mythology can be true. It’s that kind of belief in impossible things and imagination that this country was built on, and I believe this is the best path to a better future.

Deborah's completed film and video projects include the independent film, Captive, directed by Andy Painter of Vintage Studios, entries for the documentary film contest Life in a Day on YouTube, and Chiller Network's Synthetic Cinema Monster Mash-Up Contest

Where am I headed next? I don't know, somewhere amazing. I always have something brewing. I love a good challenge, and possibly most of all-- I love being up to my elbows.

Currently, Deborah is the Marketing Specialist and Bookkeeper for the family's half-million dollar wholesale souvenir company. Her current side projects include writing scripts and an autobiography, indie film production, art, photography and design.